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Chikitsa Yoga

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Research the secrets of the breath.

Empower yourself by learning simple yet highly effective breath work to increase emotional and physical health.


An ancient science of the breath and life force.

This course will teach you some of the fundamental pranayama breathing techniques, the why, the how and the when to perform them.

Hatha Yoga Technology

Working with either the pranic or apanic currents of life force we can either cool down or warm up the system. Learn how and when to emphasise the respective patterns.

Rest and digest

By utilising certain breathing patterns we can shift into the parasympathetic nervous system which calmes the mind and promotes healing.


Taking active control over the breath will empower you to take even more positive action in your life and improve your outlook drastically.


Develop self discovery and insight into your own physical, mental, emotional and energetical processes with the breath as a tool.

Pranayama Fundamentals

The breath is our most powerful, direct an immediate way of influencing our nervous system and hormonal balance. Learn fundamental breath work skills and method that can help you gain clarity of mind and health of body.

Four fundamental pranayamas.
Instructions and explanation of each.
Demonstrations of personal practice.
Classes to follow along with.

This course includes a free download of the breathing app:

Vayup | Yogic Breathing

Calm and vitalize using breath

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